Buy-Sell Agreements & Your Small Business

It is not lost on small business owners that the value they receive for their business in the event of death, disability, retirement, or sale is as important as ever. What this planning attempts to accomplish is to avoid surprises or conflicts for business owners and their families. A buy-sell that everyone agrees to and reviews […]

Voluntary Benefits: Valued-Added Employment

How can we maintain the cost of benefits and still provide employees with an added value over their existing salary and compensation plans? This is one of the questions corporations are asking — a question producers can help answer by explaining alternatives. With the cost of health care continuing to rise, corporations are facing the […]

A Simple Look at the Fixed Annuity

The fixed indexed annuity (FIA) is a unique product in our toolbox. It is a fixed annuity that earns interest and provides benefits that are linked to an external equity index. One of the most commonly used indices is the S&P 500. An FIA is different from other fixed annuities because of the way it […]