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Analysts Extend Forecast For Medicare Funds

According to a recent Washington Post article, analysts have extended the forecast for Medicare funds an additional 12 years. Medicare’s finances have been strengthened by the new law setting in motion broad changes to the nation’s health care system, according to a government forecast issued, which says the fund that pays for older Americans’ hospital […]

Small Businesses Save up to 35% on Premiums

As a small business owner, you could save up to 35% on healthcare premiums this year. Healthcare reform is here. And it could mean big tax credits for your small business clients. The recently passed healthcare reform law includes a 2010 federal tax credit of up to 35% for employer-paid health, vision, and dental insurance premiums. […]

High Deductible Health Plans

In a recent article, The Washington Post describes the growing value & popularity of the HSA: High-deductible health plans and the health savings accounts (HSAs) that link to them are becoming a familiar fixture on the insurance landscape, even though they get mixed reviews from many consumers and health policy experts. Rising costs make the […]